Pit Huberty was born in Luxembourg in 1994. Fascinated by his father's drum set in the basement, he wanted to learn how to play the drums. Therefore, at the age of nine, he began taking solfège and classical percussion lessons. He finally had his first drum lessons with Jeff Herr as a teacher in regional music schools when he was 13 years old. Four years later, he entered the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg (CVL), where he additionally joined the jazz department and was taught by Rainer Kind, David Laborier and Roby Glod. Meanwhile, and because of his passion for the electric guitar, he also began taking guitar lessons with Mathias Börgmann. In 2012, he participated in a 5-day intensive drum workshop in New York, organised by Jerome Goldschmidt. There, he was taking musically diverse and enriching masterclasses from Johnny Almendra, Frank Bellucci, Mario Monaco, Jotan Afanador, Adam Cruz and Robby Ameen. One year later, Al Ginter became his new drum teacher at the CVL and with him, he eventually accomplished his 1er Prix. At the age of 20, Pit entered the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Brussels, where he is being taught by Pieter Bast, Martin Gort, Peter van Marle, Nathalie Loriers, Christophe Wallemme, Kurt Budé etc. He is currently preparing his bachelor of music.
Pit played and is still playing in different band projects such as Arthur Possing Quartet, The Noisemakers, Banda Bruselas, Marc Welter’s Joint Bunch, Georgio Valentino and The Grund Club.

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